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Thursday, February 23, 2023


I'm not making this up, but this really is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. A box of dog biscuits and you're set for math, reading, and writing!

Woof! Woof! Game
Cut out dog bones and write sight words, math facts, letters, etc. on them. On a few write “Woof! Woof!” Pass the box around and let each child pull out a bone and identify the information. If they select “Woof! Woof!” they have to get down on the floor on all fours and bark like a dog. (I know it's stupid, but the kids love it!)

Use the dog biscuits for math activities. Add, subtract, make sets, sort… This dog dish with two sections is perfect for tens and ones.

Make a book about pets. Cut the front and back off the box and cut paper the size of the box. Give each child a sheet of paper so they can draw a picture of their pet and write or dictate a sentence about it. Put their pictures between the covers of the box, hole punch, and you’re ready to read.

Hint! If they don't have a pet they can draw a picture of a pet that they would like to have.

P.S. I’m fascinated by the names people give their dogs like “Heredog” (Here-dog!) and Boozer (St. Bernard). How about Peanut (little Yorkie) or the mascot from your favorite team like Buzzie (our dog named after GA Tech's mascot Buzz). What’s your dog’s name?