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Tuesday, February 21, 2023


This is a perfect project for any skill because children love to make things and they also enjoy collecting things. They’ll feel “richer” as they learn new words and add the dollars to their wallets.

Materials: construction paper 9” x 12”, markers, green paper cut 4” x 2”

Directions: First let each child make a wallet where they can “save” their sight words. Lay a sheet of construction paper horizontally. Fold up the bottom within one inch of the top. Glue the two sides and then fold in half. Let children decorate their wallets with their name and drawingss. As you introduce new words let the children write them on the green rectangles/dollars and then store them in their wallets.

*Use these at small group time to play “mystery word” as you call out clues. For example, “This word starts with ‘t’ and ends with ‘e.’” This word is the opposite of ‘sad.’”

*Children can use their words to make sentences, sort parts of speech, etc.

*Let children take their word wallets home and practice them with their parents.

*If you have a few extra minutes in the day have children get out their dollar words and read them independently or with a partner.

*Challenge children to learn to spell their dollar words.

Letter Wallets - Younger children could save letters, numbers, or shapes in their wallets.

Math Wallets - Write addition and subtraction facts on dollars and save them in math wallets.

Vocabulary - Have children write vocabulary words on dollars and store them in their wallets.

Word Families - Use wallets to reinforce word families.