Friday, October 16, 2015


I was actually going to title this blog, "Win a free iPad," but I thought that was a little mischievous. However, it truly is an idea you can use to make individual "pretend" iPads for all of your students. These can help children with keyboard, letter recognition, sight words, spelling words, etc.

Materials: pocket folders, keyboard pattern (link below), glue, index cards

Directions: Cut around the keyboard pattern and glue it to the inside top right of the pocket folder as shown. On the index cards write letters of the alphabet. Place them in the pocket. Students choose a card and place it on the top of the screen. After visually matching the letter and "typing" it on the keyboard they place it in the left pocket.

*Write sight words on index cards and place them in the pocket. Children choose a word, type it, and then place it in the pocket on the left side.

*Write children's names on index cards.

*Use iPads to practice spelling words or vocabulary words.

Behind the Scenes
For those of you who joined me for my webinar Wednesday afternoon I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what it looked like behind the camera.  If you didn't get to watch it Wednesday you can still go to the link and see a rerun.

If you enjoyed spending an hour with me at the webinar, why not spend a whole day with me?   Here's where I'll be doing my new "Active Learning Adventure" the next few months. Go to for details.

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