Saturday, October 17, 2015


After giving you all a new iPad yesterday, I thought you might need a new phone today. Kids always want what grown-ups have, so now they can all have their personal cell phone. They'll have a great time making these and designing their own covers. Plus, you can use these to reinforce some math and reading skills. 
Materials: copies of the cell phone, heavy paper, scissors, markers, glue

Directions: Make copies of the attached cell phone. Children cut out the front of the phone. Next, let them trace around the back of the phone on heavy paper and cut it out. Glue the front of the cell phone to the back. Decorate the back with markers.

Note! If your copy machine will work with card stock you can eliminate the back.

*Call out letters or numbers for children to identify.
*Type out phone numbers or zip codes.
*Spell words. How much is a word worth?
*Use for math facts or number stories.

*Let children make up their own learning activities to do with their phones.