Saturday, April 30, 2016


Bugs are everywhere this time of year and children are fascinated by these little critters. Here’s a simple song to sing to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” where children can learn the basic body parts of insects.

Head (Point to head.)
Thorax (Point to chest.)
Abdomen – abdomen! (Point to stomach.)
Head, thorax, abdomen – abdomen!
And eyes (Point to eyes.)
And mouth (Point to mouth.)
And antennae, two (Stick 2 fingers up.)
Six legs (Wiggle 3 fingers on each hand.)
And there’s an insect for you!
(Leave off a verse each time you sing and hum.)

Bug Hunt – Give children pipe cleaners that they can twist into a magnifying glass shape. Let them use these to hunt for bugs on the playground.
*They could also use clipboards to draw insects that they find outside.
Entomologist – Explain that an entomologist is a person who studies insects. Brainstorm different ways that they can study insects, such as checking out books at the library, looking on the internet, and so forth.

Roll a Bug – Remember the old game “Cooty Bug”? Here’s a similar game your children can play where they roll the dice to make their own bugs.

So, have I sparked your interest in insects or just “bugged” you? Carolyn Kisloski ( and I have created a unit called “Bugs and Insects.” There are 40 pages (QR Codes, Prezis, children's books, writing prompts) of hands-on activities and games that will help you STEAM ahead.

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