Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Here are more center activities and games for learning a second language. Yep! You've seen them all before, but did you ever think about using them for practicing a second language?

By the way, have you found this website? (Finding a useful, meaningful, and free website is like finding a gold nugget, isn't it?)

Peeking Puppies
Cut puppies out of construction paper using the attached pattern. Write the word in Spanish on the body of the puppy. Fold down the ear and write the word in English under the ear. Children identify the word and then self-check by “peeking” under the ear.        


Sock Match
Cut matching socks out of construction paper. Write a word in English on one sock and the Spanish translation on another sock. Mix the socks up in a bag. Children find the matching socks and clothespin them together.

Cut 4” circles out of poster board or fun foam. Write the word in Spanish on one side and the English translation on the other side. Children will need a pancake turner/spatula to play the game. Spread the circles on the table. Children read the word and translate. Then they flip over the circle to check their response on the back.  

Stretch and Match

You will need heavy cardboard cut in 5” x 8” rectangles. Cut notches in each of the long sides as shown. Write a word in Spanish by each notch on the left side. Write a word in English by each notch on the right side. Children stretch rubber bands between matching words. Draw lines between correct answers on the back so children can self-check.

Poke and Peek
Cut simple shapes out of poster board (cars, animals, plants, etc.) Punch holes around the edge of the shape. Write a word in English by each hole on one side of the shape. On the reverse side write the word in Spanish by the appropriate hole. Children take a straw or pencil and insert it by a word. After translating the word, they flip the shape over and check their response on the back.
Hint! Children could also play this game with a friend.    
Use 3” x 5” index cards to make this game. Write a word in English on one card and the corresponding word in Spanish on another card. Place the card face down on a table. Children take turns choosing two cards at a time and trying to match up words.