Monday, April 11, 2016


Children will be engineers, artists, and inventors with these projects. They will also discover how to turn “trash” into “teachable materials” and “treasures.”          
First, ask your students to save cardboard food boxes for a week at home. Suggest that they fill up a paper grocery sack with the boxes.

Use the boxes for some of the learning activities below:

*sort the boxes – can they sort them another way 

*count the boxes
*cut off side panels from boxes and compare nutritional content

*make a list of new vocabulary words from descriptions on boxes

*cut the fronts and backs off the boxes and play a matching game

*make a book from the front panels of the boxes by attaching together with book rings    

*let children cut up box fronts to make puzzles

*hole punch sides of boxes and sew with yarn like sewing cards

*cut stencils and templates from boxes

*decorate boxes to store books children make at school
*challenge children to be inventors and create other
things from boxes
*give children masking tape and encourage them to be engineers

Inventors Day
Challenge children to be inventor’s and come up with creative new ways to use the recycled materials. This would be a fun project for children to do with a partner or with their families.
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