Friday, April 22, 2016


I was cleaning out my “teacher” closet yesterday and I found two old books I just had to share with you.

Rainbow Fish Collage
After reading RAINBOW FISH give each child a Hershey’s kiss. (The leftover ones from Easter with the pretty pastel foil work best.) Demonstrate how carefully unwrap the chocolate and smooth out the foil. (I don’t think you’ll have to show them how to eat it!)
Cut two large fish shapes out of blue construction paper for the front and back cover of your book. Cut white paper to fit inside the book. Tell the children that they can help you make a “Rainbow Fish” by gluing their wrappers on the fish shape. Next, give each child a sheet of white paper so they can write/draw how to be a friend. Put their pages in the book and bind. You can also add a page for “authors and illustrators” where they sign their names.

Read the book and discuss all the great ways to be a kind friend. Place the book in your classroom library or let one child take it home each evening to share with their families.

My Lovely City
This is a book that I made several years ago about Charleston. Although you might not live here, it's an idea that you could adapt for your school, city, or state. You could also tie in your state flower, tree, bird, etc.

You will need construction paper and photos of your city, school, state symbols, and so forth. I used a rhyme similar to “Brown Bear” for each page.

Charleston, Charleston, what do you see?
There’s ___site____.
Come with me.

On the last page I wrote:

Do you like Charleston?
Do you like your city?
“Yes,” said Dr. Jean.
“I LOVE IT!” said she.

(I used my pirate picture to add a smile!)