Monday, November 14, 2016


If you missed my LIVE AT FIVE on nursery rhymes yesterday here's a link so you can watch me demonstrate the activities:

Jack and Jill
Trace around the puppet pattern on heavy paper. Challenge the children to make the puppet look like “Jack” on one side and “Jill” on the other side. Attach a straw and use as a puppet.
What happened after Jack fell down? Here’s more to the story!
     So up got Jack
     And said to Jill
     As in his arms he took her.
     You’re not hurt, brush off that dirt.
     Now, let’s go fetch that water.
     So up got Jack and
     Up got Jill to fetch that pail of water.
     They brought it back to mother dear
     Who thanked her son and daughter.

Humpty Dumpty
Give children the oval shape and scrap paper. Have them tear the scrap paper into little pieces and then glue it on the oval to make a collage. Attach a stick and use it as a puppet.
What happened to Humpty Dumpty?
     So the good children got
     Some tape and some glue
     And they fiddled and faddled
     Til’ he looked like new.
     Then they carefully placed him
     Back on the wall

     And said, “Humpty Dumpty,
     Please don’t fall!”

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Cut the sheep and the tops of the 3 bags of wool from the front of a file folder. Insert colored paper starting with black. Remove the black paper and then fill in the appropriate color word.  (This would be something for the teacher to make and use with the children.)
     Baa baa green sheep
     Have you any wool?

Would you like patterns for the above craft activities?

Nursery Rhyme Club
Make a poster that says “Nursery Rhyme Club.” Whenever a child can say a rhyme, they get to sign their name on the poster. It would also be fun to give them a membership card!

Would you like some membership cards?

Here are some good websites where you can download free nursery rhyme posters: