Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Someone recently asked me what was the value of doing “The Cool Bear Hunt.” Well, I could write a dissertation, but here are ten good reasons for how children learn as they sing this song.

1. They are developing oral language skills.

2. They are developing auditory memory skills.

3. They are learning positional words.

4. They are learning a sequence and pattern.

5. They are oxygenating their brains and crossing the midline.

6. They are developing physical skills.

7. They are using their imaginations.

8. They are developing the executive function as they self-regulate.

9. They are developing 21st Century Skills by cooperating and communicating.

10. They are using comprehension skills.

Above all, they are getting to do what children do best….PLAY AND HAVE FUN!

Want to go on a bear hunt with me?

Follow Up Activities:

Fist List
Ask children to hold up their fingers as they recall the different places they went in the song.

Story Map
Let children make a story map of the song. Draw a picture of where we started in the song Then where did we go….? Where did we go next…? Etc. Where did we end up?
*Give children a Teddy Graham to retell the story on their story map.

*Let children illustrate the song. Add lyrics and put their pictures together to make a class book.
Where’s Bear?
You’ll need a small toy bear and bathroom cups for this game. Turn the cups upside down and write letters, words, numbers, etc. on them with a permanent marker. Show the children the bear and explain that you will hide him under one of the cups. Children close their eyes as you hide the bear. Children get to take turns calling out something on a cup and looking under the cup. If they find the bear they get a turn hiding it for their friends.