Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I'm not talking politics here. I'm talking about a characteristic that many perceive as a bigger predictor of life success and reading success than IQ. You know executive function is important when Cookie Monster is working on it with his song, "Me Want More But Me Wait!"
Definitions of EF are broad and diverse, but these are some common characteristics of the executive function:

Inhibition – can think about consequences before acting

Self-regulation – can stop oneself from inappropriate behavior

Initiation – starts new tasks independently

Delayed Gratification – resists immediate reward for a larger reward later

Adaptability and Flexibility – is able to shift focus and adapt strategies

Emotional Control – is aware of and can manage feelings

Focus – can attend to details and avoid being distracted

Does this sound like that "perfect student"?

Check out my blog this month because you'll find some meaningful strategies for nurturing the executive function in your classroom.
Here's something you might want to try called GOALS AND CHEERS!
At the beginning of each month have students fold a sheet of paper in half. On the LEFT side write “Cheers” and encourage them to write or draw pictures of accomplishments that they are proud of. On the RIGHT side right “Goals” and have them write/draw two or three goals that they have for the coming month. Date, save, and review at the end of each month. Encourage students to reevaluate goals and set new ones.

Hint! You could also share these with parents at conference time.

Here are some helpful websites for teachers and parents: