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Friday, December 9, 2016


December 9th is Christmas Card Day. Sir Henry Cole created the first commercial Christmas card in 1843. Until recently, sending holiday cards through the mail was a traditional “must.” Ecards are easier and less expensive, but it’s still special to send and receive a paper card. It’s also a good way to motivate children to write and read!

Here is a simple card children will enjoy making for any holiday or special occasion. Once they learn how to make this basic card you can put the materials in the writing center for an open-ended activity.

Materials: construction paper, copy paper, markers, crayons, scissors, pencils, glue, wrapping paper, stickers, catalogs, etc.

Directions: Demonstrate how to fold a sheet of paper in half and then into fourths. Remind children to put the greeting on the front and be sure and sign their name inside.
Holiday Dictionary
Prepare a folder with holiday words children might use in making cards.

Recycle Cards
Ask parents to send in old holiday cards.
Cut off the front and punch holes around the edges to make sewing cards.
Cut into puzzle shapes.
If cards have a relief children can do crayon rubbings.