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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


If you want children to write, then you have to give them a book that they will be excited about writing in. Here are some simple books to capture children’s interest any day of the year.

Winter Book
Purchase seasonal pencils at the dollar store. Fold 3 sheets of paper in half. Punch holes about 2” from the top and bottom on the creased edge. Insert the rubber band through one hole and slide the pencil through that loop. Insert the other end of the rubber band and slide the other end of the pencil through that loop. Use for descriptive writing about weather. Winter feels like…. Winter smells like…. Winter sounds like… Winter tastes like… Winter looks like….

*You could also use these for children to write signs of winter or to record daily weather.
Napkin Book
Purchase napkins from the dollar store. Cut paper the size of the napkin and staple inside to make a book. Use the picture on the napkin as a writing topic or just place these in the writing center for an open-ended activity.
Candy Cane Book
Take two sheets of paper and cut them in half. Fold in half. Punch holes about 1 ½” from the top and bottom on the creased side. Insert a rubber band in one hole and insert one of the candy cane in the loop. Insert the other end of the rubber band in the other hole and insert the other end of the candy cane.
*If your school does not allow outside food then let the children make their own candy cane out of a popsicle stick.

Peppermint Stick Writing
After reading a holiday story give each child a candy cane. Have them close their eyes and savor the candy cane. Next, ask them to write descriptions about their candy cane.

*You could also have them write stories about visiting candy land.

Sticker Story
Let each child choose one or two stickers.  Have them put their stickers on their paper and draw a picture incorporating them. Then ask them to write a story about their drawing.