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Thursday, December 8, 2016


Santa’s not the only one making lists this time of year. I’ve been making lists of things to do (gifts to buy, cards to send, goodies to make) all night long! There’s something about making a list that makes me feel better – maybe a little more “in control.” Not that I’m going to check everything off the list; it just feels good to write things down.
Making a list is something children will enjoy doing, and it is a perfect way to motivate children to write. Younger children could make lists of 3-5 things, while older children could do lists of 10 or more. In addition to writing a list, children could draw pictures or dictate items.

So, what can they make a list of other than who’s been naughty and nice or what they want for Christmas?  Check out my "list" of ways you can use lists all year long.
List of people they love and what they would like to give them.

List of favorite songs.

List of signs of winter.

List of their favorite books.

List of their favorite subjects at school.

List of their favorite animals/pets.

List of their favorite sports or games.

List of what they can do if they finish their work early.

List of the things that make them happy.

List of how to be a buddy/friend.

List of nouns, verbs, things that start with a sound, shapes…children could make a list of almost any skill you are working on.

Lists could also be included in units of study by having children keep a list of things they learned, facts, etc.

Can you a make a “list” of things to add to this list?

I’ll be checking my list twice,
So better not be naughty –
Just be NICE!

By the way, I found two adorable websites with lots of activities and ideas: