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Saturday, November 10, 2018


I met Elisabeth Thomison in Austin a few weeks ago. She told me about "Captain Letter" and I was hooked! It's amazing how teachers can take standards and use their creativity to make them come ALIVE for young children!  These kids are never going to forget their letters because Elisabeth has given them a personal connection.  Talk about sparking interest!  I'll let her tell you more about it...

What kid doesn't want to be a super hero? No kid! Captain Letter started in my class when our new curriculum came with a little vest and some letter cards. The idea was, every day, one child would wear the vest and find a letter to match the one in their pocket. This worked for a couple of days, but the kids got bored. So....I started brainstorming and Captain Letter was born. One quick trip to my sewing room with a couple of yards of felt and we had a vest/cape combo that the kids were excited to wear. I started telling the kids, you aren't the letter captain, you are Captain Letter! Captain Letter is chosen in the morning at Circle Time. We sing the song and Captain Letter wears the cape all day. That child is responsible for finding their letter and things that start with their letter all day. The kids love it and take their jobs very seriously! 

Check out these videos to see how Elisabeth selects Captain Letter and the song she uses. I must warn you that you'll want to sing it the rest of the day it's so catchy!!!


Here's Elisabeth's email address if you want to know more: