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Monday, November 26, 2018


If you missed my Facebook Live yesterday you can watch me demonstrate 
all of these activities here:

Match and Memory

Materials: stickers or gift cards, heavy paper cut in 3 1/2” squares

Attach 2 of each different sticker to the squares. Younger children can use these as a matching game.

Older children can play a memory game with these by place them face down and turning over two at a time.

Fit Like a Puzzle

Materials: puzzle and frame, marker
Write an uppercase letter on each puzzle piece and a lowercase letter on the shape in the frame. As children match up letters they will complete the puzzle.

*Use for math facts, synonyms, number words, and other skills.

Foam Letters

Materials:  gift bag, foam letters, paper, pencils
Place foam letters in the gift bag.  Children draw a letter, write the letter, and then draw something or write a word that starts with that sound. 

*Hide the letters in the classroom for children to find.  Can they get with a friend and make a word with their letters?

Silly Glasses 

Materials:  silly glasses, paper, pencil, clipboard
Children walk around the room and write words they can read.

*Can they find a word for each letter of the alphabet?

*For a partner project let one child wear the glasses.  The friend takes a pointer and points to words for their friend to read.Book Presents (Danielle Underwood)
Wrap holiday books up like presents. Randomly choose a name out of a popsicle tin and let that child unwrap the present. After reading the book, display it for the children to look at during free time.

Holiday Brain Breaks 
(Sharon Smith)
Have the children stand and in place and

     Melt like a snowman…
     Waddle like a penguin…
     Twinkle like a Christmas tree…
     Prance like a reindeer…
     Laugh like Santa...
     Smile like an elf...

*Adapt for different seasons and themes.