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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Would you believe that every once and a while I run out of ideas? It's true! It might be that I'm just in a holiday mood, but I'm plumb out of things to say. But, don't worry, I've hunted through blogs from days long ago and I've found some "treasures" just for you! I am so thankful there are still teachers who believe in childhood and hands-on learning just like me. Thank you for joining me as we go down memory lane.

Todally Awesome Cheer
Squat down like a frog and say, “Todally.”
Jump up with arms in the air and say, “Awesome!”

McDonald’s Cheer (Michelle Sanders)
Ba, da, ba, ba, ba.
I’m loving it! (Arms overhead like the golden arches.)

Give Me a Toe
Instead of having children give you a high five, ask them to “give me a toe” as you touch feet.

Golf Tee Writing
This is a great idea to develop small muscles and writing skills. Children spread play dough to make a pancake and then write on it with a golf tee.


A teacher said that she called everything an “extravaganza” and it motivated the children. “Oh, we’re going to have a math extravaganza after lunch!” “Tomorrow we are going to have a silent reading extravaganza.”

Matching Game (Bobby Verostko)
Ask parents to save colorful gallon lid covers from milk or juice. Make duplicate copies of children’s faces and laminate. Cut to fit inside the lids and glue. Children love seeing their faces and matching them up.
*Make similar matching games with stickers for different holidays.