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Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Tis’ the day after Christmas and the house is a mess.
There’s trash to clean up and thank you’s to address.
There are cookies and candy you can’t leave alone,
And the kids are fighting in a rather loud tone.
The weather is frightful – you can’t get outside.
You’d like to get under the covers and hide.
But, you are a teacher, no need to fear.
It’s time to get ready for the new year.
Did you think that all your presents were done?
I’ve got ideas to cheer everyone.
Every day I’ll post new activities for you.
My things are meaningful and simple to do.
And I’ll exclaim over the earth with a very large roar,
Sing and play in 2019 and SHUT YOUR DOOR!

This is one of my favorite books because it doesn’t require any special tools or materials. It can be used to replace a worksheet for almost any skill or concept that you want to reinforce.

Directions: Fold two sheets of paper in half. Make tears (or snips) about a thumbnail apart down the fold. Bend one tab forward, then the next backward, and so on to bind the pages together.

Children can use this for a letter book by drawing pictures, writing words, or cutting out pictures of things that start with a beginning sound, diagraph, vowel, etc.
Number Book
Have children write numbers and then make that many objects.
*Write a number and then show different ways to make that number.
*Use as a shape book where children walk around the room and draw shapes they see.
Weekly Spelling Word Journal
Monday – write a word on each page
Tuesday – write the definition of each word
Wednesday – illustrate or cut out a picture for each word
Thursday – write a sentence using each word
Write the Room
Children walk around the room and write all the words they can read.
Can they find a word for each letter of the alphabet?

Can they find nouns?  Adjectives?  Seasonal words?
Concept Book
Coordinate the book with a unit, theme, or holiday. For example, when studying about dinosaurs have them make a book about dinosaurs. When focusing on social skills ask them to make a book called “How to Be a Friend.” For January they could make a book of “My Goals for 2019.”
Hint! For younger children make this book with one sheet of paper.

*Fold paper lengthwise to make a tall book.
*Cut a piece of paper in half to make a small book.

*Use a colored sheet of paper on the outside and a white sheet on the inside.

Check out WORKSHEET AVENGERS for over 150 things you can do instead of a worksheet.