Friday, December 28, 2018


This is a great tool for each child to make and USE in 2019.

Materials: pocket folder, copy paper with alphabet letters 

*Here’s a link where you can download the pages with letters:

Directions: Let each child decorate the outside of a pocket folder. Prepare pages for their dictionary by running off two letters on each page similar to the ones shown. Punch holes and insert in the pocket folder.

As new sight words, spelling words, and vocabulary words are introduced ask the children write them in their dictionaries.

*Challenge the children to make up sentences (oral or written) with the words.

*Ask children to illustrate words or find magazine pictures that match the words.

*Play “mystery word” where you give clues about words. 
 Can you find a word that starts with /m/ and ends with /d/? 
 Can you find a word that is the opposite of “fast”? 

*Play the “rhyme” game. 
 Can you find a word that rhymes with “bike”? 
 Can you find a word that rhymes with “log” and is a pet? 

*How many one letter words can you find? How many two letter words? Three letter words? 

*Ask children to clap out the syllables in words. 

*Can they match up words in their dictionaries with words in the classroom? 

*Sort words that refer to people, things we do, describing words, etc. 

*Have children find a word that starts with each letter in their name. 

Let the children take home their dictionaries and do activities with their parents.