Saturday, December 29, 2018

"SIGN" INTO 2019!

Sign language is engaging, multi-sensory, quiet, and it’s FREE! Take a look at these ideas to help children learn letters, sight words, vocabulary, and more.
I    Sign Language!

Note! There are several free websites with sign language dictionaries where letters and words are demonstrated:

Alphabet Songs
Make the signs for the letters as you sing them in alphabet songs.

Sight Word Cues
Teach students the sign for each sight word to help them scaffold and make the connection.
*Teach children signs for new vocabulary words.

Spelling Words
Finger spell sight words and spelling words.

*Play a partner game where one student signs each letter in a word. The other student tries to identify the word.

Alphabet Book
Make a class alphabet book where your students sign the letters.


Classroom Management
Teach children simple commands for routines such as "sit down," "stand up," "pay attention," "no talking," etc.