Thursday, January 3, 2019


Someone once said that the mind can only comprehend what the seat can endure. If you work with children you know for sure that if the children sit too long they will turn you off!! Here are some songs/videos where children can wiggle away and energize their brains.

Wiggle Willy
Directions: Have children stand and tell them that you have a song about a little boy who has the fidgets just like them sometimes. His name is Wiggle Willy!

I know a little boy. (Dance from side to side to the beat.)
His name is Wiggle Willy.
He is so very nice, but oh, he is so wiggly!
And so go his fingers and his fingers go like so
And his fingers are always soooooo… (Wiggle fingers.)

And so go his arms…(Wiggle arms and fingers.)

Legs…(Wiggle legs, arms, and fingers.)

Head…(Wiggle head, legs, arms, and fingers.)

Tongue…(Move tongue back and forth along with the other body parts.)

*Why is Willy so wiggly? What makes you wiggle and fidget? What can you do about it?

*Make a class book called “What To Do When You Have the Fidgets.” Invite each child to draw a picture and write or dictate a sentence about how to control fidgets. Make a title page and let the children sign their names as “authors and illustrators” in the book.


This song is great on a winter day because children can remain in their seats as they release wiggles.

Chair Can Can
Directions: Have children sit in their seat, bounce their feet to the beat, and make the following movements.

Bend right knee and then kick. (Right leg up and kick out.)
Bend left knee and kick. (Left leg up and kick out.)
Cross kick right and then cross kick left. (Kick feet in opposite directions.)
Rainbow arms from left to right. (Swish arms in a big arch.)
Bounce your feet up and down as you rainbow your arms.
Right heel up. (Put up right heel.)
Left heel up. (Put up left heel.)
Open and close arms like an elevator door. (Open arms out and together.)
Hands on the sides of your chair and lift and sit. (Lift body.)
Lift, hold, hold, sit. (Lift, hold for several seconds, and sit.)
Kick right leg out straight and the left leg out straight. (Kick straight leg.)
Wave arms high in the air. (Arms up and move back and forth.)
Take a bow.

*Let children make up their own seat dances to popular songs that they enjoy.