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Monday, January 14, 2019


Math Sticks - Use the sticks for making sets, counting, tally, creating shapes, addition, subtraction, patterning, and so forth.  They can also make bundles of ten (rubber band ten sticks together) and use them to demonstrate place value.
Games – Use sticks to make game pieces. Write skills on most of the sticks and write “BOOM!” on two or three. Place in a can. Children take turns drawing sticks and reading the information. If they choose “BOOM!” they must return all their sticks back to the can.

*Fiddlestick is a similar game. Color the ends of the sticks different colors. Write skills on the sticks. Place the sticks with the colored end in the can. Choose a color. Pass the can around, and if a child chooses the designated color they yell, “Fiddlestick” and return all their sticks to the can.

Skill Sticks – Instead of flash cards, write skills (letters, numbers, words, math facts, 

phrases, vocabulary, etc.) on sticks.
Puppets – Use children’s photos, drawings, or magazine people to make puppets children can use to retell a story, role play, or in other creative ways.  

Construction Sticks -Give children sticks, tape, clay, glue and see what those little engineers can create.