Thursday, January 17, 2019


No matter where you live, there is WEATHER!  It's real and it's something that children are naturally interested in.  

We always sang a weather song at morning meeting. Each day we had a "meteorologist" who would remind us which word to use in the song.  The "meteorologist" would make a big deal out of walking to the window, looking around, and then choosing the word to sing in the song.

Weather Song  (Tune: "Shorting Bread")
What will the weather, weather, weather,
What will the weather be today?
He/she says its sunny, sunny, sunny.
S-U-N-N-Y today.

*Insert cloudy, rainy, snowy, etc. in the song.

Weather Song #2   (Tune: "Bingo")
There is some weather in the sky and sunny is its name-o.
s - u - n - n - y, s - u - n - n - y, s - u - n - n - y,
and Sunny is its name-o.

Weather Words
Write weather words on a language experience chart and point to the letters as you sing.

*Challenge children to come up with synonyms for different types of weather. For example, sunny could be bright, hot, cloudless, etc.

Weather Journal
Staple several sheets of paper together to make individual books.  Each day have children illustrate the weather and write descriptive sentences.

*Graph the weather for a month. Were there more sunny days or cloudy days? 
There are several different versions of this you can download free off the internet.

Place a thermometer outside your classroom window so children can learn how to read the thermometer and judge appropriate clothing for outdoor play.

Wind Tester
Make a wind tester by taping a strip of tissue paper to a craft stick.  Hold it up to see if the wind is blowing.  What direction is the wind blowing from?

How Can You Find Out?
Brainstorm different ways to find out about the weather.  For example, look on line, look at the newspaper, watch the weather report on television, look out the window, etc.