Monday, February 4, 2019


Take one finger play each week and put it on an index card.  Keep it in your pocket and use it daily during transitions or to focus children's attention.  At the end of the week punch a hole in the rhyme and attach it to a book ring. If you’ll do this every week by the end of the year you'll have a whole RING OF RHYMES that you'll never forget!


Note!  When the going gets tough, just say a finger play!

You can download the words here:

Juke Box
Cut 5" circles out of heavy paper to make the CDs for your juke box.  Decorate a gift bag and write "Juke Box" on it.  As you learn new finger plays write them on the CDs and save them in the juke box.  When you have a few extra minutes, pretend to hand a child a quarter.  Tell them to "put it in the juke box and pull out a finger play."  Let that child help you lead the class in the finger play.

Take Home Finger Play Fun
Send home copies of finger plays you learn each week so parents can enjoy them with their children.

Flannel Board
Make flannel board objects so children can manipulate them and practice saying the finger plays.


Oral Reading
Make posters of finger plays and use for choral reading.

Class Book
Make a class book of favorite finger plays.


Counting Hand
Trace around children's hands.  Cut out and glue the palm to a sheet of paper.  (Just glue the palm so the fingers can bend down.)  As children say finger plays using their five fingers they can bend down the paper ones on their hand.
Here's the FB Live video I did on finger plays: