Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Many of you will be having Valentine's Day parties tomorrow. It's important to model and teach children how to thank people who do nice things for you like parties. (These ideas should actually be used daily to thank school helpers, parent volunteers, and classmates.)

Here's a simple song to sing and sign to the tune of "Happy Birthday."

      We (Make “w” and circle around.)
      Say (Index fingers by lips and move out.)
      Thank you (Fingertips on chin and extend out.)
      To. (Touch index fingertips.)
      You. (Point.)
      (Repeat twice)
      We say thank you
      For helping (Open left palm and place right fist
      on it and bring up.)
      We say thank you to you!

Sign Language
Teach children these signs and use them as prompts. (I used to stand behind the person the children needed to thank and make these signs. They thought my class was so "polite"!)

Please palm open on chest and circle around.

Thank you fingers on chin and then down to palm.

Elvis Thank You

Get out your microphone. (Hold a fist by your mouth.)
Wiggle your hips.
(Pretend to twirl your microphone around.)
Thank you! Thank you very much! 

Pictures and Letters
Integrate writing by having the children make thank you cards with various art media.

 "Thumb" Body Thanks You!