Sunday, February 10, 2019


You can put a little LOVE in your week, encourage positive behavior, and expand vocabulary with this activity.

Materials:  gift bag, index cards, safety pins or tape

1st  Have children brainstorm words that describe good friends. For example: wonderful, nice, helpful, responsible, kind, honest, etc.

2nd  Suggest looking up additional words in the dictionary or a thesaurus.


3rd  Write the adjectives on index cards and place the cards in a sack.  You will need one for each child.

4th  The next day let each child select a word from the sack at group time. Pin or tape the word on them as you sing this song to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

     We like you because you’re word .
     We like you because you’re word .
     We like you because you’re word .
     We really like you!

5th  Call the child by their word all day long instead of their name.  For example, "Polite, would you be line leader?"  If a child isn't behaving appropriately all you have to say is, "Do I need to take your word away from you?"  They don't want to lose their word and will quickly do the right thing.

As a follow up make a book called "HOW TO BE A GREAT STUDENT."  Let each child take their word and illustrate it and write (or dictate) a sentence about it.