Monday, March 4, 2019


Reading is like anything else - the more you do it, the better you will become. Here are some engaging ways to encourage independent reading.

Mirror Reading
Let children read books to themselves in a mirror.

Read to a Star
Frame photographs of sports figures, politicians, or musicians that children are familiar with in the classroom library. Children choose a book and then read it to their favorite star.

Pick a Pal
Place a basket of books and small stuffed animals or puppets in the center. Children choose a book and read it to a toy.

Whisper PhonePhonics phones are perfect for children to hear themselves read. You can purchase these or make one out of PVC pipe.

Hint! Teach the children how to make a phone with their hand. If they cup one hand around their ear and the other hand around their mouth they can hear themselves read.

Book Nooks
Here is another "genius" idea from Carolyn Kisloski.

Divide the class into partners for reading. Change the partners often, sometimes matching students with partners on their reading level and sometimes mixing levels. Each pair draws a craft stick with a special reading nook on it which will be their reading spot for the day. Some special places could be underneath tables, by the teacher’s desk, on the rug, in special chairs, or in the hall outside of the classroom. Students can take turns reading one book to each other or take their book bin to their nook and read quietly for the entire independent reading time. After one student reads a book, the partner must ask the reader one question about the book and give the reader one compliment about her reading.

*Invite another class, either at your grade level or another grade level, to read with your students during a special reading time.

Partner Chant
As children face their partner and begin to read have them repeat this chant:
     Hand to hand (shake hands)
     And feet to feet (touch shoes)
     I’m glad that you
     Are partners with me!

After reading they can close with this chant:
     Hand to hand
     And feet to feet
     Thank you for
     Reading with me!