Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Here's a good-bye chant that will end your day on a positive note.  Write the words on a poster and have the children chorally read before they go home.

Good-bye Friends!
See you later, alligator!
After while, crocodile!
In an hour, sunflower!
Maybe two, kangaroo!
Gotta go, buffalo!
Adios, hippos!
Chow, chow, brown cow!
See you soon, baboon!
Adieu, cockatoo!
Better swish, jellyfish.
Chop chop, lollipop.
Gotta run, skeleton!
Bye-bye, butterfly!
Better shake, rattlesnake.
Good-bye, my good friends! 

Hint!  Sing the song to the tune of "Down by the Bay."  It's also on my Totally Reading CD.

This chant also makes a great class book that I've made many times through the years.  First, I enlarge the words and put one line on each page. I make two copies of each page since there are 15 lines and usually at least 25 children in a classroom. After singing the song several times I let each child choose an animal and illustrate it for our book. Sometimes we do a little research on the internet if they are not familiar with an animal. I encourage the children to use lots of colors and to fill in the page. I let them dedicate their book and then add the school's name as the publisher and the copyright date. The children all sign their names as “Illustrators,” and then I punch holes and bind with book rings. I use the extra pictures on the cover, “The End,” “Comments and Compliments,” etc.

You can also download a book to go with the song on my website.  (I really prefer to have the children make their own book and illustrate it.)

Here’s a variation of "See You Later, Alligator." Donna Henry’s first grade class at Portsmouth Catholic School came up with a lot of rhymes in “Todaloo.” Why not challenge your class to come up with their own original verses?

Bye bye dragon fly
Toodaloo tennis shoe
Wave to me bumble bee
Give a hug ladybug
Time to bale blue whale
Catch the bus octopus
Gotta scat alley cat
Take care teddy bear
Hit the road old toad
Time to swish gold fish
Hit the course race horse
Catch a cab hermit crab
You’re a love turtledove
We had fun bubblegum
We had a laugh giraffe
Good luck rubber duck
Take a boat billy goat
Vamoose Mr. Moose
Never fear reindeer
Time to go black crow
Come again, red hen
Learned a lot tater tot
See you later, alligator
After while crocodile.


P.S. I did a little FB Live with good-bye activities yesterday morning. Here's the link if you missed it: