Monday, March 11, 2019


Some of your children might have checked all the boxes on your assessment, but do they know where they live?  Do they know their phone number?  Here are some ideas that you can send home to parents so they can help their children learn some basic personal information.

Where do you live?
Addresses can be sung to “Do You Know the Muffin Man?”
                  874 Pine Oak Circle, Pine Oak Circle, Pine Oak Circle.
                  874 Pine Oak Circle, Cincinnati, Ohio

What’s your zip code? 
Learn zip codes by singing them to the tune of “BINGO.”
                  There is a zip code where I live and I know my zip code.
                  54892, 54892, 54892 is my zip code.

When is your birthday?
Birthdays can be sung to “Happy Birthday to You.”
                  September 24th, September 24th,
                  That is my birthday, September 24th.

What’s your phone number?
Phone numbers can be learned by singing them to “Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore.”

Crafty Idea 
Want a bulletin board idea to help children learn their addresses? Let children decorate a lunch bag to look like their house. Give them newspaper to stuff inside, fold down the top, and staple on a roof. Let them write (or you can write for the younger children) their name and street address at the top.
*You can staple these to a bulletin board or use in the block center to build your community.

Line Up Rhymes
These are good rhymes to transition children, as well as to reinforce birthdays, phone numbers, and addresses.

Apples, pears, peaches, plums,
Tell me when your birthday comes.  (Children say birthday before lining up.)

Candy, candy, ice cream cone.
Tell me the number of your telephone.  (Children say phone number before transitioning.)

Rabbit, dog, cat, mouse,
Tell me the number on your house.  (Children tell their address.)

Hint!  Keep a copy of the children's address, phone number, and birth date so you can prompt the ones who need help.