Thursday, January 7, 2021


Read your class the classic story of "The Little Engine That Could." Explain that in your classroom everyone says "I CAN" like the little engine. Remind them that we are AmeriCANS and not Americant's!

I Think I Can (Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)
I think I can are words I like to say.
I think I can are words I like to say.
In time I’ll get it right if I try with all my might.
I think I can are words I like to say.

Hint! Cover a Pringle's can with paper and glue on googly eyes. Pass the “eye can” around to remind children to say I CAN!!

How Does My Teacher Feel About Me?
Practice this chant and then use it to focus children's attention.  It's so much more positive and effective than SHHHH!

Teacher says: 
     “How does my teacher feel about me?”
Children respond: 
      “I’m as special as special can be (Open and close fingers like stars twinkling.)
      because my teacher believes in me!”  (Hug self.)

We Can Help
Have a class discussion about how friends CAN HELP each other.  Let children suggest different ways that they CAN HELP their friends.  Make a cover for a book that says "WE CAN HELP." Make inside pages for the book that say, “We are good readers.” “We can help you with the computer.” “We can tie shoes.” “We are good spellers.” “We like to draw.” “We are mathematicians.” “We like to clean.” (Include pages that represent the different academic skills, as well as common tasks in the classroom.) Encourage children to sign up on the pages where they can help others. When someone comes to you for help, remind them to look in the class WE CAN HELP book.

Plan a special day where each child is invited to sing, dance, tell a joke, make something, share a hobby, etc. Emphasize that there are many ways to be wonderful!!

SUPERHERO YOGA (This idea from my friend Laura Buonadonna is as wonderful as she is!)
The kids dressed up like their favorite superhero. I muted them and put on some soft music. I showed them Yoga cards and then I demonstrated the moves for them to copy.