Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Have children start the day by repeating each line of this chant after you. 

Note!  Sometimes you just have to "fake it til' you feel it."  If you pretend you are happy then your feelings will follow and they will be contagious to your students!

You’re the Best!
Teacher says: Thumbs up. (Stick out thumbs.)
Children repeat: Thumbs up.
Teacher says: Across the chest. (Bring across to the opposite shoulder.)
Children Repeat: Across the chest.
Teacher says: Pat on the back. (Pat self on the back.)
Children repeat: Pat on the back.
Teacher says: Cause you’re the best! (Wrap arms around self and hug.)
Children repeat: Cause you're the best!

Hint! You can easily change the words to this chant to "I'm the best!" or "We are the best!"

I Am Statements
“I am” statements are another way to encourage positive behavior. (These can be based on your school’s goals or let the children suggest statements.) Write these on a language experience chart and then begin the day by sticking up your thumbs and repeating them.

I am respectful.m
I am trustworthy.
I am responsible.
I am fair.
I am caring.
I use good manners.
I use kind words.
I can do it!

Morning Mantra
Teacher says: Boys and girls, what is my job today?
Children respond: Your job is to teach us and to love us.
Teacher says: Boys and girls, what is your job today?
Children respond: Our job is to learn and to love each other.


What Are You?

(Adapted from “The Help.”)
Teacher asks: What are you?
Children respond: I am kind. (Touch the heart.)
I am smart. (Touch the head.)
I am important. (Give self a hug.)