Sunday, January 17, 2021


Make this A YOGA YEAR by incorporating some of these strategies. Yoga has health benefits, as well as learning benefits. "Mindfulness" is a buzz word now in education, and yoga might be just the trick to help children focus and relax.

Yoga Letters

There are several videos where yoga poses are related to the alphabet. Wouldn't it be fun to incorporate yoga poses with phonics? Here's a poster that you can download free:

Young Yoga Masters

Yoga Shapes
I loved the yoga poses for kids I found on this website:

Monument Poses
Linda Smith shared this idea for tying in MONUMENT POSES with social studies standards.

Statue of Liberty – One arm up holding the torch and the other arm holding a book with feet apart.

Washington Monument – Feet together and arms up and with pointed fingers.

Honest Abe – Sitting position with arms out as if on a chair.

The Arch – Arms in an arc twice overhead.


Liberty Bell – Arms down swinging side to side as you say, “Bong, bong, bong, crack!”             

Superhero Yoga
And, wouldn’t your students love doing this Superhero Yoga that Charley Schillinger does with her students?

Superman – Do a plank.
Wonder Woman – Sit in an invisible chair.
Spiderman – Feet together and squat.
Batman – Arms out and one leg up.
Captain America - Squat with legs apart and stretch arms over head and behind as if extending a shield.
Flash Lunges - One foot in front and lean forward and touch the floor.
Black Widow - Take turns stretching out your arms.
Iron Man Pose - Stand straight and look up towards the sky.

Here's here blog so you can learn more about it:

Morning Stretch
Several teachers have told me how my “Morning Stretch” really helps their students focus and get ready to start each day.