Monday, January 18, 2021


Get rid of wiggles and learn at the same time by using sports movements to spell out words.

Pretend to bat the ball as you say the letters in a word and swing around and hit a homerun as you say the word.

Feet apart and run quickly in place with arms out in front of you as you spell out words. Throw a "touchdown" as you say the word.

Kick across your body with your right foot and then kick across with your left foot as you spell words. Kick a "goal" as you say the word.

Shuffle as you say the letters and then pretend to hit the ball as you say the word.
Dribble on letters and pretend to shoot as you say the word. (Jump up on toes.)

Feet spread apart with knees bent. Pretend to chop with your right hand and then chop with your left hand as you say letters. Give a little kick as you say the word.

Knees together and bend to the left as you swing your arms. Knees to the right as you swing your arms. Say letters as you move from left to right and then use both arms as you say the word.

Ice Skating

Alternate arms in front as you pretend to glide on different legs while spelling words.

Hint! Encourage your students to think of other sports and how they can use them to practice skills.

Cheering Words
Children stand and step from side as they clap and cheer words:
Give me a B. B! I’ve got a B, you’ve got a B.
Give me an E. E! I’ve got an E, you’ve got an E.
Give me a D. D! I’ve got a D, you’ve got a D.
What’s it spell? BED! Say it again. BED!
One more time. BED!

Letter Aerobics
Explain that some letters are tall. They start at the top dotted line. Some letters start at the middle dotted line. Some letters have a tail. They go below the line. Sing the “Alphabet Song” stretching up in the air for tall letters, putting hands on waist for short letters, and touching the ground for letters with a tail. For example:
A -hands on waist
B - hands in air
G - touch ground
Use letter aerobics for spelling sight words, spelling words, or vocabulary words.

*Count as you karate chop. Count by ones, fives, tens, etc.