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Friday, April 16, 2021


Did you ever hear of "Bean Counter Day"?  Well, April 16th really is "Bean Counter Day," so why not make a bean counter today?

Inches are an abstract concept for children, but bean counters will provide a concrete way to do measurement.

You will need a package of large, dry lima beans and wide clear packaging tape. Place a 12 strip of packaging tape on a table with the sticky side up. Put ten lima beans end to end horizontally on the tape. Fold the bottom up and the top down and seal. Trim off the edges. 




Demonstrate how to take the bean counter and place it on the end of the item to be measured? How many beans long is it?

Counting by Tens
To measure larger objects, lay bean counters end to end and count by tens.

Challenge the children to use estimation skills as they try to find something 5 beans long? Can you find something 9 beans long? Can you find something shorter than 3 beans? Can you find two objects that are equal beans long.

Cheez-It Measuring
Did you know that Cheez-Its are one inch squares? What a great way to measure!