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Friday, April 23, 2021


The sun is shining so let’s take math standards out on the playground for some learning fun!

Number Hunt
Take lunch sacks and write different numerals on them. Give each child a bag and ask them to make that set and put it in the bag. Let children share what they have found with their friends. Have children return the objects to where they found them.

*This could be done with a partner or at home.

Hint! Whenever collecting things outside remind the children to only pick up items off the ground. You never want to pull leaves or flowers off plants because it might hurt them.


Children can count trees, fence posts, balls, bushes, and many other items on the playground.

*Have children estimate how many and then verify their guess by counting.


Exercise and Count
Have children count how many times they can jump rope. How many jumping jacks can they do? How many times can they bounce and catch a ball without dropping it?

Dot to Dot
Take chalk and write numerals 0-20 randomly on a hard play surface. Children start with zero and run, hop, march, or skip to each numeral in order. 

*Adapt the amount to the ability of your students. For older students ask them to count by fives, tens, etc.


Bounce and Count
How many times can they bounce a ball and catch it? How many times can they toss a ball with a friend and not drop it?

*Have each child silently count the steps from the classroom to the playground. Compare their answers.