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Friday, April 9, 2021


Have you ever wished that you had a different name? April 9th is "Name Yourself Day." Wouldn’t your kids get a kick out of changing their first name today? Give them plenty of time to think about it, and then ask them to tell you why they chose that name.

Hint! You should probably change your name as well. How about Queen ___ or King ____?

Sing this good morning song to the tune of “Good Night, Ladies” using their new name.
Hello, (new name).
Hello, (new name).
Hello, (new name).
I like your new name.

*Can you sing the new name to the tune of "Bingo"? For example:
I have a son that I love and Jack is his new name.
J - A - C - K
J - A - C - K
J - A - C - K is his new name.

Name Crafts
Let your children make name tags, necklaces, bracelets, or crowns with their new name.


Rainbow Name

Write their new name in large letters with a black marker. Children take different colors and go around it to make a rainbow.


Money, Honey!
And if you name yourself, why not make some money with your picture? Wouldn't your kids love to draw their face on this $100 bill? I found this template on the internet and made a download for you.