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Sunday, September 5, 2021


Birthdays are so special  to children and a perfect opportunity to make each child feel important and loved!  Here’s an idea that is gluten free, sugar free, and sure to accommodate all food allergies while giving children a special birthday memory. You can watch me explain it on this video:

Make a circle of friends and invite the birthday child to stand in the middle. The birthday child can choose friends to be the candles on their cake. For example, if they are five years old they select five friends; six years old six friends, etc. The candles/friends stand around the birthday child and then the rest of the class holds hands to make the birthday cake as they say:

Today is child’s name birthday.
Let’s make her/him a cake. (Circle arms to make a bowl.)
Stir and mix and mix and stir, (Pretend to stir.)
Then into the oven to bake. (Pretend to put cake in the oven.)
Here’s our cake so nice and round. (Circle arms.)
We’ll frost it with icing white. (Spread frosting with palm.)
We’ll put age candles on it. (Hold up fingers.)
To make her/his birthday bright.

After singing the traditional birthday song, let the birthday child “blow” out the candles. The candles wiggle down to the floor when they are blown out.

What else can you do?
*Make the traditional paper birthday crown for the child to decorate. (This is one of those ideas that is timeless. And, it emphasizes that children are happy with PLAIN VANILLA!)

*Make a “Happy Birthday” book. Each child in the classroom draws a picture of something they would like to give the birthday friend. A simple sentence like “My wish for you is_____.” could be added to the page. The birthday child decorates a large sheet of construction paper in which the pictures from their friends can be stapled to make a book.


*Give the birthday child one special wish. She can choose a game, book, song, friend to sit by, etc.

*Spray paint a chair gold and decorate with fake jewels. The “Fancy Nancy Chair” can be used for birthdays and other classroom celebrations.

*In my granddaughter’s school they “give” a favorite book to the class on their birthday.

On a personal note, my brother passed away about a year ago.  I remember when he turned 70 he went to his local convenience store and had a hotdog and a Coke to celebrate.  He could have had anything he wanted, but on his special day he chose "junk" over his usual healthy fare.  (It's in our genes because my siblings and I all love potato chips, hotdogs, and Cokes!!)
Jack’s birthday was September 5th and he told me that every month on the 5th day he was going to splurge and have or do something special. I like the idea of celebrating each month, don’t you?  Happy Birthday in Heaven, Jack!