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Wednesday, September 1, 2021


Carolyn Kisloski and I collaborated to create PLAYING WITH LETTERS that we would like to give you FREE!  This book is meant to be a resource that you can use with any reading or alphabet program that your school has selected. The ideas can be adapted for circle time, learning centers, small group instruction, take home activities, brain breaks, or transitions to provide children with learning opportunities throughout the day. 


There were 26 letters hundreds of years ago, and those same letters still make all the words that we read today. Those letters open the door to a lifetime of reading and learning, so let’s get started and see how much fun we can have!!!!


You can go to my website (click for website) and put it in your cart. You won't be charged for it.  

You can also access it with this google link:

The activities in our book are organized around these categories:

     Touch and Tell (Multisensory)

     Teaching Transitions

     ABC Tools and “Toys”

     Let’s Play and Learn Games

     Letter Land (Classroom Print & Alphabet Books)

     Ready to Write 

     Letter Centers

     Singing Letters and Sounds

     Alphabet Poetry Book


Note!  You’ll also be able to adapt many of these strategies for other skills, such as sight words, math concepts, etc.