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Thursday, January 26, 2023


These movements will make learning about punctuation more fun!

CapitalCapital letters are at the beginning of a sentence. They tell you to “GO.” Have children stand every time you come to a capital letter.

Periods tell you when to stop. Sit down when you come to a period.

Sit like cowboys and cowgirls by straddling chairs. When you come to a period, children pretend to pull back on the reins as they say, “Whoa!”

Question Mark
When you come to a question mark, put your index finger on your head and shrug your shoulders.

Exclamation Point
Put your fist in the air for an exclamation mark.

Hop for a comma.

Two fingers in the air and wiggle.

*Let children come up with their own movements for punctuation.

Say the abc’s according to the punctuation marks.

Punctuation Detectives
Use glass pebbles to highlight punctuation.

Twist the end of a pipe cleaner and use to find punctuation marks.