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Thursday, May 11, 2023


I love to go to the zoo. I hope I never lose the thrill of seeing the animals and watching what they will do to entertain the people. Whether you take a real trip to the zoo or an imaginary trip on the internet, over the next three days you’ll find some activities that children will enjoy. These ideas could also be related to literature, such as making the elephant puppet when you read HORTON HEARS A WHO. Other ideas could be adapted to literature standards (poems or riddles about zoo animals) or informative writing (habitats, body covering, babies, food).

We’re Going to the Zoo

(Tune: “The Bear Went over the Mountain”)
We’re going to the zoo.
We’re going to the zoo.
We’re going to the zoo.
Won’t you come, too?

The elephants swing their trunks. (Stick out one arm like a trunk
The elephants swing their trunks. and stomp from side to side.)
The elephants swing their trunks.
And we can do it, too.

*Insert other animal names and these motions:
Kangaroos jump around… (Bend elbows like paws and jump.)
Bears put all fours on the ground…(Put hands and feet on ground and walk.)
Giraffes walk on tippy toes…(Stretch neck and walk on toes.)
Zebras gallop to and fro…(Gallop in place.)
Snakes slither and wiggle…(Wiggle as you go up and down.)
Penguins wobble and jiggle…(Palms out by sides and wobble.)

Guess Who?
Let children take turns pantomiming different zoo animals as their friends try and guess who they are.

Zoo Animal Puppets

Let children create their favorite zoo animal from a lunch bag, paper plate, craft stick, or envelope.

Animal Cheers
Seal of Approval – Extend arms in front of you and cross them over each other. Clap as you make a barking noise.
Elephant Cheer - Stick one arm out straight from under your chin. Put top lips over bottom lip as you blow and make a trumpeting sound.
Snake Cheer – Palms folded together next to your chest. Keeping them together wiggle them out as you make a “Ssssss” sound. Stick your tongue quickly in and out of your mouth.
Tiger Cheer – You’re GGGRRREEEAAATTT! (Stick fist in the air.)

Imagination Bag
Give each child an empty lunch bag. Demonstrate how to open the bag and ask them to do the same. Explain that you are going to take an imaginary trip to the zoo. Ask them to look in their bags to see what they can find. Encourage children to name the animals in their bag as they create an imaginary zoo on the floor in front of them.

Matching Game
Make a matching game where children match up mother zoo animals and their babies. Can they tell you the names for the different animal babies?
*You could also play a memory game with these cards.
Hint! I found my pictures at google images.