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Friday, May 19, 2023


O.K., it’s almost the end of the school year and you’re just trying to hang in there. I’ve got a simple holiday that you can celebrate to engage your students.

May 22 is “Buy a Musical Instrument Day,” but I’ve changed it to “Make a Musical Instrument Day.”

Tin Pan Band

Get out the junk box and invite children to create a musical instrument.

*For homework ask families to create a musical instrument.

Classroom Objects
Challenge children to look around the classroom and find something they can use to make music.

*Two paper plates, cups, craft sticks, pencils, or blocks can be used to tap out a beat or repeat a pattern.

Body Parts
Brainstorm body parts can they “play” to make music. Snap fingers, clap hands, thump fists, stomp feet, and so forth.

Loud and Soft
What child hasn't wanted to be a conductor? Let them take turns leading their classmates as they play instruments. Demonstrate when the conductor's arms are open they should play loud, but when the conductor puts her hands close together they should play softly.