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Thursday, May 4, 2023


Reading is like anything else. The more you do it, the better you will become. Here are a few ideas to get children started on a summer reading adventure.

Library Card
What better gift can you give your students at the end of the year than a library card? Take a field trip to your local library or ask the children’s librarian to visit your school and describe all their summer reading activities.

Summer Reading List 
It’s easy to do an internet search and find a suggested reading list for your grade level. Parents would probably appreciate this when helping their child choose books to read over the summer.

Cut card stock the size of a postcard. Let children decorate one side with markers or crayons. On the reverse side draw a line down the middle. Have the children write the teacher’s name on one half. Explain that if they send you the postcard over the summer and write you a note that you will write back to them.

*You could also give the children a pre-stamped envelope addressed to you.
Explain that whenever they write you, you will write them back.

Make travel brochures for children to write in over the summer.

Top Ten 
Have each child make a list of ten things they would like to do over the summer. (Younger children could dictate five things they would like to do.)