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Saturday, April 20, 2024


*Think of all the possibilities with this game using letters, sight words, colors, shapes, etc.!

Number Show Me
Make a set of “show me” cards for each child by writing the numerals 0-10 on 3” squares of heavy cardstock. Have children store these cards in a zip bag in their desk. When you have a few extra minutes, ask the children to get their cards and arrange them on the floor or table in numerical order from 0-10. Use the cards for some of the games below.
*Adapt the number of cards to the ability of your students.

How Many?
The teacher claps, snaps, or stomps a set. Children listen and then hold up the correct number.

*Show me how many toes you have? How many thumbs at your table? Show me how many days in the week?

*Make a set with felt pieces on the flannel board. Show me how many.

Mystery Number
I’m thinking of a number between 4 and 6. Show me. I’m thinking of a number two more than seven. Show me.

Math Facts
4 plus 2. Show me.
9 minus 3. Show me.

Number Stories
I had four pennies. I found three more. Show me how many I have in all.
*Let children make up math stories for their friends.

Fact Families
Call out numbers in a fact family. Can children write the equations in that fact family?

Number Bonds
How many ways can you make seven?

Base Ten
Put 3 in the tens spot and two in the ones spot. What’s the number?

Odd and Even
Sort the odd and even numbers.

Letter Show Me
Here are activities with letter cards. It would be best to use 5-10 letter cards at a time.

Note! Use the cards with upper and lowercase for letter recognition games.
Use the single letters for making words.

*Scavenger Hunt – The teacher calls out a letter and the children match that letter with something in their room or in a book.

*Phonics - Show me the sound you hear at the beginning of ___?
What sound do you hear at the end of ___?

*Spelling - Call out CVC word, a sight word, or spelling word for children to make with their letters.

Plastic plates or laminated white card stock are also great substitutes for white boards.

Yes – No Show Me Cards
You will need two index cards. Write “yes” on one and “no” on the other. Children place them on the surface in front of them. As the teacher asks questions, the children hold up the appropriate word.