Friday, May 18, 2012


The Best Thing About…  Invite children to recall some of their favorite memories from the school year.  Give them a sheet of paper to illustrate it.  Ask them to write (or dictate) a sentence about it.  Put their pictures together in a cover that says, “The Best Thing About (Grade)” and bind.  Save the book to read to your new class when school starts.

Welcome Brochure – Demonstrate how to fold a sheet of paper into thirds to make a brochure.  Let each child create a brochure called “Welcome to Grade.  They could include things they’ll learn, special events, etc.  Save these and give them (or send in the mail) to your upcoming students when school starts.
Ten Things – Here’s a simple project that will keep children busy and give them some goals for the summer.  Fold five sheets of paper in half and staple.  Ask each child to think of ten things they’d like to do over the summer.  They can draw pictures, cut out magazine pictures, and write plans on each page.  Start this a week before your last day so children have plenty of time to think about what summer goals and plans.  Encourage them to brainstorm with a partner or “walk about the room” to share ideas with classmates.

Hint!  Let younger children dictate what they would like to do.