Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have a precious friend whose husband was very ill for three years.   What an inspiration she was to all of us with her quiet strength, peace, and grace!  With her permission I will share the poem that she used each night as she tucked her husband in bed.  The other poem was said each morning.  I’ve got a feeling that someone reading this blog will find strength in these.
Prayer for the End of the Day
By Carole King
Now I lay me down to sleep
I’ve done my best, my soul’s at peace.
Free to fly among the stars
And journey for a thousand years
Tonight no boundaries hold me down
I’m warm and safe and all tucked in.

Prayer to Start the Day
By Carole King
This is the dawn of the rest of our love
Today we’ll wander, and wonder and find
Another adventure, or mountain to climb
A child to hug, a sorrow to soothe
Music to dance by, a star to embrace
We’ll laugh and make sunshine wherever we go
And I’ll always cherish the gift that you are.