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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


A Box for Mommy – 2nd Sunday in May – May 13, 2012
(Tune:  "Little Red Box" -This song is on the "Happy Everything" CD.)

I wish I had a little box    (Pretend to hold a box in your hands.)
To put my mommy in.         (Pretend to put something in the box.)
I’d take her out and go (kiss, kiss, kiss)        
         (Take something out of the box and kiss in the air.)
And put her back again.                          

If my mommy were in my box
Were in my box, then she would always know.
School or play, night or day,
How I love her so!           (Cross arms over chest.)

I made this box for mother’s day,         (Pretend to hold out a box.)
It’s full of love for you.
When we’re apart, hold it to your heart,  (Put hands over heart.)
And know I’m thinking of you.
You can download this book on my May, 2007, website.
Box Necklace – You can collect small boxes that jewelry come in or use matchboxes for this project.  Spray paint the boxes and then let the children decorate them with stickers, glitter pens, etc.  Glue a small picture of the child inside the box.  Punch a hole and attach a ribbon so it can be worn around the next.  Teach children the song and let them present their necklaces at a Mother’s Day tea, or send the boxes home with the words to the song.