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Monday, April 30, 2012


Here’s a simple activity if you’ve got a few extra minutes before lunch or during other transitions.  Children will develop listening skills, auditory memory, as well as social skills.

Directions:   Have children sit in a circle.  Explain that you will hum a tune.  If they know the tune they can smile at you.  When most of the class is smiling, say, “one, two, two, three tell.”  All the children say the answer at the same time.  Continue humming tunes as children try and identify the songs. 

*Let children take turns humming tunes as their classmates try to name that tune!

Here are some familiar tunes to get you started:
Farmer in the Dell            She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain      
Yankee Doodle                  Twinkle Little Star        
This Old Man                    Old MacDonald
BINGO                             Jingle Bells                                            
Happy Birthday                 Itsy Bitsy Spider        
Row Your Boat                   If You’re Happy and You Know It        
Mulberry Bush                   Ring Around the Rosie                                   
My Country                       Muffin Man                 
Baa Baa Black Sheep         Hickory Dickory
Skip to My Lou                  I’m a Little Teapot                                   
3 Blind Mice                      My Bonnie