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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dig a Hole
Dig a hole.             (Make a hole by making a fist with right hand.)
Plant a seed.         (Stick left index finger in the hole.)
Up comes a flower.  (Bring left hand up through right fist.)
Pull out the weed.    (Pretend to pluck a weed.)

Seed Snack - Invite children to bring in seeds that you can eat and have a tasting party.  What's their favorite seed that they eat?

Seed Hunt - Have children hunt for seeds in their kitchen at home.  Bring these in and plant them in plastic cups.  Be sure to label.  Water and watch.

Planting Jelly Beans - Have children brainstorm other things they would like to plant, such as jelly beans or pennies.  Purchase carrot seeds, radishes, and other seeds that germinate quickly and plant.  Predict what will happen.  Watch and record data.

Dirt Cake – Give each child a clear cup.  Let them put a layer of chocolate pudding in the cup, then sprinkle with crushed Oreo cookies.  Add a gummy worm and a paper flower stapled to a straw. (Yeah, I know it’s junky, but it would be fun for a birthday party or if you’re a grandparent!)