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Saturday, April 21, 2012


The weather is great, so let’s go outside and PLAY!  Here are three simple games that my kids loved.  They don’t require any special skills or equipment and everyone can have fun.

Circle Soccer
Materials:  playground ball
Directions:  Stand in a circle and hold hands.  Place the ball inside the circle.  Children try to kick the ball and keep it inside the circle.  If the ball goes out of the circle between two people, then both people are out of the game.  If a player kicks the ball too high and it goes over someone’s head, then the player who kicked the ball is out of the game.  The game continues until there are just one or two players left.

Jump the Creek
Materials:  2 jump ropes
Directions:  Place the two ropes on the ground a few inches apart to make a “creek.”  Have the children line up single file and try to jump over the creek one at a time without stepping on a rope.  After every child has jumped, move the ropes a little farther apart to make the creek wider.  Continue moving the ropes farther apart and letting the children jump over them.  When a player can no longer jump over the rope, he must stand to the side of the game and be a cheerleader.  The object of the game is to see how far the children can jump.
*You can play a similar game by drawing lines in the sand or dirt.

Build the Castle
Materials:  long jump rope
Directions:  Choose two people to hold the rope.  The other players form a straight line and take turns jumping over the rope.  The rope begins on the ground, but after everyone has had a turn, it is raised a few inches.  If a child’s foot touches the rope, she is out of the game.  Continue raising the rope until there is just one child left who can jump the height.
*A similar game called “school” can be played.  When the rope is on the ground it is called “kindergarten.”  Each time the rope is raised, it is called “first grade,” “second grade,” and so on.