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Monday, April 23, 2012


The brain is so fascinating to me, and I’m always anxious to learn everything I can about it!  Krista Weber recently sent me some interesting information by Chris Biffle:
I think Chris and I could be good friends because we’re certainly on the same page when it comes to engaging children in a meaningful.  I hope to attend one of his workshops and learn more!
WBT’s Big Seven:
1.     The Attention Getter: Class-Yes! 
         Teacher says, “Class!” and children respond, “Yes!”
2.    The Organizer:  Rehearse Classroom rules with gestures.
3.    The Whole Brain Activator:  Teach/Okay 
     Teach briefly and then clap your hands and say, 
     “Teach!”  Students turn to a neighbor and using
     gestures reteach the information.
4.    The Motivator:  The Scoreboard
      Use a Smiley/Frowny diagram on the board to keep
      students engaged.  When students are off task put a
      point under the frowny.  When they are participating
      put a point under the smiley.
5.    The Class Unifier:  Mirror
     Teacher holds up hands and says, “Mirror!” as she
      makes gestures.  Students say, “Mirror!” and mimic
6.    The Focuser:  Hands and Eyes
     When the teacher has something important to say she
     says, “Hands and eyes!”  Students fold their hands
     and stare intensely at the teacher.
7.    The Involver:  Switch
     Count class off in ls and 2s.  After Teach-Okay, the
     1s teach with gestures and the 2s mirror the
     gestures.  After “Switch!” is called students change

I think it’s interesting to reflect on the biological aspects of the brain from Zull’s research with the practical applications from Biffle.  Have I bored you with all this brain research?  Well, come back tomorrow and I’ll “switch” to more fun ideas for your classroom!